Building community power through environmental health education, equitable community based research projects, and people driven solutions in public policy to improve public health.

Our Goals

CleanAirNow has five goals – empowerment, air pollution monitoring, policy development and advocacy, education, and research, as defined below.

1. Empowerment: CleanAirNow will work to enable and empower youth and adults in the region’s most vulnerable communities to organize, lead, and advocate for their communities.

2. Air Pollution Monitoring: CleanAirNow will continue and expand the air pollution monitoring activities of the Diesel Health Project, with a focus on monitoring in overburdened communities near major polluting sites and transportation corridors.

3. Education: We will educate community members, youth, college students, and professionals.

4. Policy Development and Advocacy: CleanAirNow will be the Kansas City regional governance organization of the Moving Forward Network, and work with the Moving Forward Network to develop policies for the national network and will lead their implementation in the KC region.

5. Research: CleanAirNow will develop opportunities for cross-disciplinary and community-based participatory research (CBPR) opportunities that bridge organizational and geographic boundaries to improve the health and lives of citizens. 

CleanAirNow Memberships

Anyone that wishes to contribute to the mission of CleanAirNow is welcome to become a member of our organization. CleanAirNow strives to be a member-led organization. By becoming an Air Protector of the Kansas City metro area, you can play an active role in helping your community achieve environmental justice. CAN aims to build a relationship with the community members that inspires the ability within each of us to fight for justice. Through collective action, we strive to build a movement that embodies climate justice and achieves racial justice.