Diesel Health Project supports the Zero Campaign with tour around BNSF Argentine Rail Yard

Heavily Polluting BNSF Argentine Locomotive Maintenance Facility

The Diesel Health Project is a member of the Moving Forward Network, a coalition of dozens of organizations throughout the country united in the Zero Campaign  – a movement to require that ports and other freight facilities meet clean air standards so that their deadly diesel emissions – causing asthma, lung cancer, heart disease, strokes, and neurological disorders – are eliminated.

To help raise awareness of the air pollution and health problems caused by unregulated rail yards and other freight hubs, the Diesel Health Project participated in the MFN National Week of Action with a bus tour of the overburdened neighborhoods around the BNSF Argentine Rail Yard,  and a demonstrations in the use of an air quality monitor.

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Thank you to the Diesel Health Project members, Argentine residents, members of the press, and everyone else who made this event a success.

To our friends, please check out the national Zero Campaign by clicking here, and sign up to help it achieve it’s goal of cleaning up dangerous ports, rail yards, and other freight facilities.






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