Diesel Health Project Holds Clean Air Open House in Kansas City, Kansas

The Diesel Health Project held a Clean Air Open House last Thursday, May 26, at the Argentine Community Center.  Despite a tornado warning and a torrential rainfall of almost 4 inches that night, the  turnout was good.

We had a fun and informative Clean Air Open House, in partnership with seven great organizations that work in Wyandotte County and participated in the evening with tables, information sharing, and more.

  • Children’s Mercy Hospital
  • Climate + Energy
  • Community Health Council of Wyandotte County
  • U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
  • Historic Northeast-Midtown Association
  • NAACP, KCK Chapter
  • Kansas Sierra Club

Here are a few snapshots of the evening.

This Fall, the Diesel Health Project will offer training on the health risks of diesel exhaust air pollution and how people can protect themselves and their community.  If you or your organization would be interested in us giving the training at your location or event, please contact Eric Kirkendall at 785-550-3408 or kirkendall1@gmail.com.

With thanks to everyone who made the evening possible, including wonderful Kansas City, Kansas Parks and Recreation staff; the amazing folks who run the fine Argentine Community Center; Elaine Giessel and Eric Aldape, who planned the event; our main speakers Richard Mabion and Leticia DeCaigny; the staff of Region 7 of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, and the volunteers and folks who hosted tables, spoke, and helped in many other ways.

And thank you Luis Aparacio for many of the photographs.