Diesel Health Project in D.C.

Last week, the Diesel Health Project of Kansas City participated in the Moving Forward Network’s petition to reduce toxic diesel health exhaust pollution near ports and rail yards in Washington, D.C. Representatives from various states across the country from Kansas to California all met in Washington to gain attention, and awareness of this ongoing problem. During our trip to Washington, members of our team spoke with several different EPA organizations, where we described the harsh public health impacts as well as the overall pollution.

The main focus of the Diesel Health Project and other organizations focus was to directly reach out to Gina McCarthy, the EPA Administrator. Many of the community coordinators, such as Leticia DeCaigny, who is our very own coordinator at the Diesel Health Project believe that McCarthy does care about the problem, but the issue we are now facing is whether or not she is going to take action. Leticia is a large advocate for both the Diesel Health Project, and public health and safety in general, “After my 8-year old son died of cancer, I wanted to devote myself to reducing the incidence of childhood illness and to improve the quality of life for all”. Leticia went on to say that two things that motive her and other members of the Diesel Health Project to travel to Washington D.C. and become active in the campaign is to eliminate diesel emissions in the Kansas City area, and for others who face similar problems in sea and inland ports all over America.