Our New Team of Student Interns

Fall is finally here and we now have a new team of KU Student Interns. We will now be able to broaden our search for poor air quality from Wyandotte county, to the nearby Johnson and Douglas Counties. We have already begun to locate potential sources of diesel exhaust that pose a threat to the quality of  air in Lawrence and Olathe and are beginning to take action to monitor these locations. The new additions to our coalition consist of seven new interns, all from the University of Kansas. With their help we aim to quantify the problem in Douglas and Johnson County, and train the public on the dangers of air pollution and what they can do to prevent it.

Our intern team consists of:

Tim Cady, a graduate student studying meteorology after receiving a bachelor’s degree in atmospheric science. Tim comes to us from Boston. He became interested in air quality issues when looking into grad school. Focusing on urban areas, Tim wants his research to have an impact on the community. Tim came to CleanAirNow on word from one of his advisors. He will be working on air quality monitoring in Johnson County, as well as Lawrence and Kansas City. He wishes to verify the problem and spread awareness to the communities affected.

Megan Rush, another graduate student received her bachelor’s degree in environmental studies, and is now pursuing a master’s degree in environmental assessment. She also received a degree as a certified veterinary technician from Denver, Colorado. After an internship in Alaska Megan became interested in air quality issues, more specifically the effects they have on wildlife. She will be focusing on the air quality issues we face in Johnson County, and also any aid we may provide in the fight against Tyson in Tonganoxie.

Caitlyn Sutherland is a native Kansan, and pursuing a degree in atmospheric science. After learning of ecological issues in High School, Caitlyn decided she wanted to fight for environmental justice and conservation. She joined CleanAirNow wanting to focus on local policy issues directed at air quality. She has worked with the National Park Service in the past, and is excited to now be working at a more local level with us. She will be working on our anti idling policy in Lawrence.

Kristy Mo, also from Kansas, is studying for a degree in environmental studies. Active on campus, she is also an environmental studies student ambassador, and a Student Union Activities organizer. For as long as she can remember she has been interested in environmental issues. She wants to focus on the policies we can change to harbor a clean environment. She will be working with Caitlyn on the anti-idling policy in Lawrence.

Tristan King is majoring in environmental studies and minoring in peace and conflict issues. Hailing from the midwest, King went to his first protest at the age of one, he and his mother protested the construction of a coal plant. He will be helping with the air quality monitoring and is looking forward to the expansion of the project to new areas. Tristan will also help with our social media presence and is looking forward to the hands on experience, as well as working with good people for a good cause.

April Snay is a senior working towards her BA in Environmental Studies. Growing up in Minnesota, she spent much of her time outdoors where she first learned her love for the environment. April will help with our air quality monitoring near the Lawrence Transit Hub, as well as policy issues dealing with idling. Like many of us, she is excited about helping and educating the community on air quality issues.

Brian Schath, I am also pursuing a degree in environmental studies with a minor in communication. Growing up in Shawnee I’ve been concerned about environmental issues since watching An Inconvenient Truth in 7th grade. I joined CleanAirNow for a chance to work on local environmental justice issues. I am also an environmental studies student ambassador. I will be working with our air quality monitoring, idling policy, and helping with our social media presence.

We are very excited to begin working with the CleanAirNow coalition and look forward to the set of projects we have planned over the next few months!