Video Testimonies to Shut Down Lawrence Coal Plant

The Lawrence Coal Plant owned and operated by Evergy has long emitted pollutants into the air, produced toxic coal ash, and negatively impacted the health of our communities. Over the last decade, Evergy has chosen to retrofit its coal plants with expensive pollution control equipment rather than investing in renewable energy sources like wind and solar. This has driven the electricity rates upward while continuing to poison Kansans.

Currently, Evergy is developing its Sustainable Transformation Plan (STP) and Integrated Resource Plan (IRP) behind closed doors. These plans will play a central role in Evergy’s transition to renewable energy and will have a direct impact on the state of Kansas. So far, Evergy has not offered any public comment to Kansans on plans that will impact their everyday lives.

We deserve to have our voices heard by Evergy while they develop these plans. We are going to do so by creating video testimonies to deliver to Evergy, the KCC (Kansas Corporation Commission), and the public through social media.

To create a video testimony for this campaign, record
yourself talking about why it’s important to you that Evergy shuts down their
coal plants and invests in renewable energy! Videos can be less than 30 seconds but should not be longer than 2 minutes. You can use any of your own talking points, as well as any facts from below.

We do ask that you state, “this is a public comment to Evergy”, and to please use
at least one of the following in your message:

  1. Evergy must let the people of Kansas have a say in the development of the IRP and STP by providing the opportunity for public comment.
  2. Evergy needs to begin a just transition to renewable energy. This means investing in wind and solar and beginning to shut down their coal plants, starting with the Lawrence Coal Plant.
  3. Evergy must provide funding for programs accessible to all its employees with options for occupational training to work in the renewable energy sector.
  4. Evergy needs to invest in low-income communities that have been most impacted by the Lawrence Coal Plant and its other coal plants. This includes local renewable energy and businesses to bring value from the transition to clean energy.

Once your video is recorded, UPLOAD it to the Dropbox or Google Drive link here:


Google Drive:

If you aren’t comfortable or able to create a video testimony,
please feel free to upload a written testimony to the same link.

You can find an example of a video testimony HERE

Facts and Talking Points on Evergy’s Coal Plants

  • Evergy’s coal fleet lost $267 million from 2015 to 2018 relative to market energy pricing. These losses are passed on to the ratepayers.
  • It’s estimated that Evergy’s La Cygne and Jeffrey plants together will lose $847 million over the next 20 years, which will also be paid for by Kansans.
  • Air pollution from Evergy’s Kansas coal plants is responsible for nearly 20 premature deaths and more than 100 asthma attacks every year.
  • Black and low-income people face the highest risk for death from power plants’ fine particle pollution.
  • To meet basic climate targets, electricity across the nation must be free of coal within the next 10 years.
  • Evergy continues to operate costly coal plants even when it is cheaper to purchase energy from the Southwest Power Pool. Then Evergy passes these operating costs onto the ratepayers.
  • Kansans pay some of the highest electricity prices in the Midwest despite the fact Kansas has some of the greatest potential in the country for cheap wind and solar.
  • Today, existing coal is increasingly more expensive than cleaner alternatives.
  • Today, local wind and solar could replace two-thirds of the U.S. coal fleet at an immediate savings to customers.
  • In 2019, wind generated 40% of electricity in Kansas
  • Over the last decade, Evergy has retrofitted its coal plants rather than investing in renewables. The costly pollution control equipment has driven electricity prices upwards even more.