CleanAirNow Environmental Justice Recommendations on the Kansas City Armourdale Land Use General Plan

May 2021

Gunnar Hand Director of Planning

Unified Government of Wyandotte County Kansas City KS

RE: Recommendations and Comments on the Armourdale General Plan

Thank you for the opportunity to provide comment on the Armourdale General Plan. CleanAirNow is an environmental justice organization focused on air pollution in the Kansas City area. We work closely with fenceline communities to address concerns about noise, odors, toxic releases and other environmental exposures from the many and varied industrial facilities in and around Kansas City. We would like to raise concerns and provide our expertise on the environmental exposures experienced by residents of the Armourdale Community in relation to the Armourdale General Plan. In general, CleanAirNow would like to emphasize the following concerns with more detailed recommendations to be found in the attached document: 1. CleanAirNow considers Armourdale an environmental justice community. The history and disproportionate impacts of pollution on brown, indigenous, people of color (BIPOC) and low income communities living in Armourdale needs to be considered in Armourdale’s General Plan. 2. Public participation is key to democracy as well as the achievement of environmental justice. A formal public participation process should be established and implemented for the Armourdale General Plan. 3. The cumulative impacts of the various pollutants and environmental exposures experienced in the Armourdale community must be considered in the Armourdale General Plan. 4. Through the Armourdale General Plan, Armourdale must establish goals of reducing pollution, reforming land use, and addressing the impacts of heavy truck traffic to advance environmental justice. 5. In every aspect of the Armourdale General Plan, health, climate change and the climate vulnerability of residents must be considered. The Armourdale General Plan will be insufficient and incomplete without the input of community organizations and without considering the myriad, cumulative exposures experienced by the Armourdale community. Please see below for our full comment on the Armourdale General Plan and what needs to be considered for the future wellbeing of the community and the city. We have also attached relevant and pertinent literature for your review.

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