Making the Case for Zero-Emissions Solutions in Freight: Community Voices for Equity and Environmental Justice

“We need to go to zero-emissions now. And the transition to zero-emissions must be guided by community-based organizations, environmental justice leaders and impacted community members.” -Beto Lugo Martinez, Clean Air Now, Kansas City

Making the Case for ZeroEmission Solutions in Freight The Making the Case for Zero-Emission Solutions in Freight brief is a working document that centers community knowledge and expertise and identifies local solutions that call for community, industry, labor, government, and political action with the goal of advancing equity, environmental justice, and a zero emissions focused just transition. In this report, the Moving Forward Network (MFN) outlines the ways that freight emissions jeopardize the health of communities of color and low income communities, while also significantly contributing to climate change. The brief also provides community envisioned solutions, policy tools, technology.

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