What is the Diesel Health Project?

The mission of the Diesel Health Project is to protect  the health of the community by identifying and documenting environmental and health problems caused by freight transportation (aka Goods Movement) in the Kansas City region, particularly Diesel Exhaust and other pollutants emitted by freight transportation, warehousing, and related activities, and taking action to ensure that the problems are mitigated as early and effectively as possible.

Our goals are to:

  1. Educate the public, including community, business, and religious leaders, concerning the environmental and health hazards of Diesel Exhaust Particulate Matter and other pollutants, and how they can be mitigated;
  2. Build a coalition of public health, environmental, and other organizations that can share Information and combine resources to protect the public from these negative environmental and health hazards;
  3. Advocate for and take other actions to encourage the mitigation of health risks posed by existing and planned freight transportation and warehousing projects in order to protect the public;
  4. Enable and empower community members to protect themselves and their families by involving them in Diesel Health Project activities, and helping them obtain the knowledge, skills, and abilities to protect their families.
  5. Identify and document environmental and health problems, by taking the following actions, focusing on the most vulnerable communities and populations:
  • Monitor Diesel Exhaust Particulate Matter and other air pollution in “at risk” communities, report findings to polluting entities and regulatory agencies, and take action as appropriate to encourage or compel mitigation, and minimize environmental damage and harm to the health of community members.
  • Working with the community, through surveys or other means, identify, measure, and communicate adverse health effects caused by Diesel Exhaust air pollution.
  • Document and share findings from the work described above, as well as pertinent environmental, demographic, health, and environmental justice characteristics of the affected communities.


Our priorities will be adjusted over time as circumstances require and resources allow.  Our initial work will be in Kansas City,  Edgerton, and Gardner Kansas, with a focus on the overburdened fenceline communities adjacent to the Fairfax industrial district; railroad, trucking, and warehouse facilities in Kansas City; and current and planned railroad, trucking, and warehouse facilities in and around Gardner/Edgerton.

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Dedicated to improving air quality in Kansas City and the surrounding region, particularly in communities suffering the greatest health burden, and to preventing and mitigating disease caused by air pollution.

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